Abstract: Multi-phase digital power management ICs (PMICs) present unique testing challenges, especially in terms of understanding transient load response and load/current sharing/tracking.

The recent advent of high bandwidth and high channel count oscilloscopes with high definition (12-bits) has provided new capabilities for analyzing PMIC operation at the IC validation stage and also as designed into an embedded system when more than one DC power rail / PMIC operation needs to be analyzed simultaneously, or for specific single-rail power integrity studies.  

Join Teledyne LeCroy for this free webinar as provide an overview of power integrity, digital power management and power sequencing. We'll discuss test of single or multi-phase digital power management ICs (PMICs), voltage regulator modules (VRMs), point-of-load (POLs) switching regulators, low-dropout (LDO) regulators or other DC-DC converter operations under transient load conditions, and test of complete embedded systems that contain these devices.  


Presenter: Ken Johnson
Teledyne Lecroy Director of Marketing, Product Architect


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Power Integrity, Digital Power Management and
Power Sequencing Analysis

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