In today’s high tech world, modern oscilloscopes offer a multitude of analysis tools enabling engineers and technicians to gain insight into circuit behavior and quickly find problems and document results. This webinar will briefly review scope features and capability that will have you thinking “I didn’t know my scope could do this” to make identifying issues and troubleshooting faster and easier.

After a brief confirmation that the scope acquisition setup supports what we are looking to measure, we will review details of using: gating parameters, histicons, measurement search and filter tools, MatLab and custom measurements, trends and tracks to graph results, pass/fail limit testing, jitter timing analysis, integrating parallel mixed-signal and serial data PHY layer tools, and documentation of test data and results.
Who should attend:  Engineers and Technicians who use oscilloscopes and want to learn how to use get faster insight to circuit performance and troubleshooting skills.

Cost:  FREE, registration is required

Presenter: Steve Murphy
Applications Engineer at Teledyne LeCroy


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Getting the Most Out of Your Oscilloscope

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