When: Wed., Dec. 13, 2017

Time: 11:00AM PDT | 2:00PM EDT

Where: On-line (at your desk)


Power Integrity involves not one problem but many different problems, each with a different root cause. One of the most powerful ways to identify the root cause of a power integrity problem is to look at the power rail noise on the die and on the board. This is generally difficult to do unless you plan ahead of time. In this webinar, you’ll see a trick you can do in some cases to measure the on-die power rail noise.
Measuring the power rail noise has a different set of challenges than measuring high level digital signals. We have a large DC bias and are looking for a small level signal, at high bandwidth, from a low impedance source. We’ll look at some of these measurement challenges and some powerful solutions you should have in your tool box.
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Presenter: Eric Bogatin
Signal Integrity Evangelist, Teledyne LeCroy


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On-Die Power Integrity Measurements

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