When: Thu., Dec 7, 2017

Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM (Includes lunch)

Cost: Free to Attend - Registration Required

Where: Teledyne LeCroy
27007 Hills Tech Court
Farmington Hills, MI 48331


Today's Torque and Powertrain engineers and technicians need the ability to measure a wide variety components, accurate in-vehicle torque data is key to reducing the product development cycle associated with today’s sophisticated engines and transmissions. 
The need for increased vehicle efficiency and performance across every combination of region, market segment, and application results in an ever-growing range of transmission and driveline technologies.
Industry drivers for improving powertrain and driveline systems include: torque algorithm validation, shift quality, fuel efficiency, weight reduction, emission standards and vehicle safety. This training session is focused on measuring in-vehicle driveline torque.  
Course Outline:
  • Various torque measurement technologies 
  • Moving that measurement off a rotating element
  • Calibrating the measurement
  • Tips for CV Shaft, Propshaft and Flexplate application

Who should attend: 
Automotive engineers and technicians involved in: 
  • Calibration & Algorithm Development
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Controls
  • Powertrain Systems (Driveline / Engine)
  • Product Research, Development & Design
  • Vehicle Test & Validation
Presenter: Paul Montalto

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Automotive Torque Testing Workshop

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