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The HVFO uses fiber optic isolation to accurately measure small signals floating on a HV bus, such as upper-side gate drive, control, or sensor signals.  It is also very useful for high bandwidth EMC, EFT, ESD, and RF immunity Testing.  

Optical isolation between the probe tip and the oscilloscope input reduces adverse loading of the DUT, provides faithful pulse response, and increases confidence in the measurement. Safety against dangerous high voltage levels can be ensured and unsafe “floating” of the oscilloscope can be avoided. The HVFO has 140 dB CMRR and is compact, simple and affordable.    
Join Teledyne LeCroy for this webinar as we provide an overview of the differences between a conventional high-attenuation HV differential probe, a HV isolated oscilloscope input, and the HVFO, along with some real-world measurement examples.

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Presenter: Ken Johnson
Director of Marketing, Product Architect at Teledyne LeCroy

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High Voltage Fiber Optic (HVFO) Probe
for Small Signal Floating Measurements