When: Thurs, May 17, 2018
Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM (Includes lunch)

2708 Orchard Pkwy #20,
San Jose, CA 95134


This seminar overviews basic and advanced techniques for characterizing high speed serial data channels, including crosstalk analysis, channel de-embedding, virtual probing, equalization, serial data decoding, and multi-lane testing. 

Topics include: Serial data analysis, signal integrity, eye patterns, eye measurements, mask testing, eye mask unfolding, jitter measurements, crosstalk analysis, channel de-embedding, channel emulation, virtual probing, SSC, calculating bandwidth requirements, serial data waveform decoding, multi-lane testing, intersymbol interference, equalization, pre-emphasis and de-emphasis, DFE, FFE, CTLE equalization, transmitter and receiver measurements, SERDES testing


Who should attend: Who Should attend: EE’s working in Signal Integrity, SERDES, or Serial Data, Tech’s and Job seekers who want a better understanding of Serial Data Links.

Cost:  FREE, registration is required to hold your seat.


Presenter: Karthik Radhakrishna
Applications Engineer, Teledyne LeCroy

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Debugging High Speed Serial Data Links


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