When: Tues., August 28, 2018

Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM (Includes lunch)

Where: Teledyne LeCroy
27007 Hills Tech Court
Farmington Hills, MI 48331


The number of IoT devices connected to the internet is projected to reach 20 Billion in 2020 – up from 8 Billion in 2017. The Internet of Things (IoT) includes the interconnected network of physical devices and vehicles that electronically collect and share data using embedded sensors.

IoT devices are deeply embedded systems comprised of CAN bus, CAN FD, UART, I2C, SPI, DDR Memory, Power Management ICs, Wireless ICs to name a few. This presentation will illustrate methods for debugging IoT designs using oscilloscopes.
Topics will include:
• CAN bus decode, debug, and bus measurements
• CAN FD eye patterns, error detection, analysis
• I2C decode, debug, and bus measurements
• SPI decode, debug, and bus measurements
• Sensor data measurements
• SSC demodulation analysis and mask testing of serial data
• DDR probing techniques
• DDR debug and analysis
• Voltage/Power Rail Sequence Testing
• Gaussian Frequency Shift Key (GFSK) Demodulation and wireless analysis
• Brushless DC 3-Phase Motor Drive and Sensorless Sine-Modulated Hand-Held motor analysis
• The IoT Device Embedded System
• Vector Signal Analysis
• PMIC (Power Management Integrated Circuit) Transient Rail Response

Presenter: Mike Hertz
Applications Engineer at Teledyne LeCroy

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Debugging CANbus For IoT Devices


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