The digital oscilloscope has become the most commonly used test tool on the EMC engineer’s bench, but most engineers use only a fraction of the power available in these instruments. In addition, there are several overlooked aspect s which can significantly impact signal integrity and EMC measurement results. 

Join us for this webinar as we uncover oscilloscope tools that can assist with advanced and more accurate methods for performing EMC testing.

Measurements included in our discussion will be:
  • EMC Measurement Categories and Requirements
  • Conducted Immunity Testing Requirements and Pulse Measurement Definitions
  • ESD Threshold Selection
  • Level-After-Pulse, Time-To-Value, and Parameter Limiters
  • ESD Verification and Test Setup
    ISO10605:2008 Consecutive Parameter Trending
  • Sample Rate and Dynamic Range Impact on ESD Pulse Measurements
  • Surge Testing and Charge Calculation
  • Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) Debugging Techniques Using Segmented Memory
  • Radiated Immunity Testing
  • Application Example: Voltage Testing Below Battery Level
  • Application Example: ESD RC Time Constant Measurement
  • Application Notes and Summary


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EMC / ESD Pulse Measurements Using Oscilloscopes

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