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Essential Principles of Power Part 1


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This is the first webinar in a two-part series. 

Voltage and current ratings on board-level DC power rails are relatively straightforward. But AC utility supplies and power electronics pulse-width modulated (PWM) inverter/drive outputs are more complicated.

Learn about the AC utility supply voltages and ratings, and what is meant by Volts, Amps, RMS, true RMS, Watts, VAs, VARs, power factor and phase angle, delta and wye three-phase electrical systems, and the measurement challenges. 

We will then discuss how an oscilloscope can be used to calculate these various values, the measurement methodologies used with digitally sampled data, and what applies to sinewave signals that doesn't apply to pulse-width modulated (PWM) inverter/drive output signals. 

Ken Johnson, Director of Marketing, Product Architect, Teledyne LeCroy


Voltage, Current and Power - from AC line to PWM

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