White paper - Smart Digitizers for Mass Spectrometry (MS)

Dive into the technology of mass spectrometry and its data acquisition needs. This document guides you to the right digitizer avoiding selection pitfalls.

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In mass spectrometry data capture is perhaps the closest it gets to hunting for needles in haystacks. However, a well-designed digitizer substantially eases the challenge, producing repeatable results even for the smallest of ion signatures.

MS systems enable the basic analysis of chemical compositions of analyte samples. They are valued for their high specificity as well as qualitative and quantitative abilities. As such, MSs are workhorses of scientific research, especially in analytical biochemistry, drug design, environmental studies, food safety, and metabolomics to name a few.

A variety of MS technologies exist, each with different physical implementations, but the core principles, as they affect digitizer specifications, can be comprehended by considering a generic time-of-flight (TOF) system.

What you will learn:

  • Elements of MS systems
  • MS System Performance Factors
  • Essential MS Digitzer Related Functions
  • Defining Pulse Search Parameters Using FWPD
  • Avoiding Phantom Pulses
  • The Benefiits of High-Resolution 12-/14-Bit Converters

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