Join us and watch 3 videos on High-Performance Digitizer Basics

Learn about digitizer basics

Join Teledyne SP Devices for part 1,2 and 3 on demand webinar introductory series on high-performance digitizers.

Topics covered in this Part 1:

  • Distinguishing features for high-performance digitizers
  • Digitizer vs Oscilloscope feature comparison
  • Form factors
  • Hardware architecture overview
  • Software and firmware
  • Example applications

Topics covered in this Part 2:

  • Digitizer selection considerations
  • Real-life application examples
  • Digital signal processing and FPGA firmware
  • System-level aspects

Topics covered in this Part 3:

  • Interfacing to external systems
  • Real-time digital signal processing
  • Systems with few or many channels
  • Software development and support tools

Who should attend? Developers working with high-performance data acquisition systems that would like to understand the capabilities and building blocks of a digitizer.

What attendees will learn? How digitizer features and functions can be used in different applications and measurement scenarios.

Presenter: Thomas Elter, Senior Field Applications Engineer

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