Oscilloscope Coffee Break Webinar Series

50 Ω or 1 MΩ Coupling? That is the Question.


This webinar was originally held on April 28, 2022.

Oscilloscope Coffee Break Webinar Series

Join Teledyne LeCroy for this 30-minute Oscilloscope Coffee Break Series to remind us how to get the most test and debug capability from our oscilloscopes. Grab your refreshment and spend a few minutes with us as we focus on a specific topic each month. Click here to access the entire series.

Part 4: 50 Ω or 1 MΩ Coupling? That is the Question.

In this session we explore what oscilloscope input termination is best – 1 MΩ or 50 Ω? When should you use one over the other? What difference does it make?

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • What is input coupling?
  • Specification differences between 1 MΩ and 50 Ω coupled channels
  • Should coupling be set by the user when using a probe?
  • Which coupling should be used for cable connections?

Presented by: Stephen Murphy, Marketing Product Specialist / Applications Engineer

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