On Demand Webinar - High-Performance Digitizer Basics

Part 1: What is a High-Performance Digitizer?

Learn about digitizer basics

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Join us for part 1 in our 3-part series on the introduction to high-performance digitizer basics where we will focus on explaining the differences between oscilloscope and digitizer, cover the different applications that benefit from digitizer solutions, and go through the architecture and the different building blocks of a data acquisition system using a high-performance digitizer.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Digitizer vs Oscilloscope
  • High-Performance Digitizer Application
  • Digitizer Building-Blocks
  • Data Acquisition System Architecture
  • Firmware & FPGA Infrastructure
  • Software & Streaming Data

Who should attend? Engineers, research fellows, students that are developing solutions requiring high-performance data acquisition systems and would like to understand the capabilities and building blocks of a digitizer

What attendees will learn? Typical architecture, features, and benefits of high-performance digitizers presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Presenter: Thomas Elter, Senior Field Applications Engineer

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Click here to watch Part 3 "How to use a High-Performance Digitizer?"

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