Fundamentals of Power Integrity Tutorial:
Measuring Power Sources

<Measuring power sources webinar with Eric Bogatin


This webinar was originally held on June 21, 2023.

Fundamentals of Power Integrity Tutorial: Measuring Power Sources

Noise from a voltage regulator module (VRM) is a common contributor to noise and other problems in the power distribution network (PDN). Noise is contributed when VRM is not working to specification or, when it is working to specification, shows “undocumented features” in your application. Many of these problems can be identified with simple oscilloscope measurements if you know what to look for.

In this webinar we will illustrate three important measurement techniques to characterize the VRM properties and noise, and the role that bulk capacitors and ferrite filters play in reducing noise on the power rails.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • How to measure small noise on large DC levels
  • Characterizing power rail noise in time and frequency (spectral) domains
  • The difference between switch-mode and linear power supplies
  • A simple eLoad to characterize your VRM at different current loads
  • What can be filtered with a bulk capacitor
  • The right and wrong applications for ferrite filters

Who should attend? Hardware design and validation engineers and signal/power integrity engineers interested in expanding their knowledge on how to solve power integrity issues.

What attendees will learn? You will learn the three most important tests to verify the quality of your VRM and the best measurement practices.

Presented by: Eric Bogatin, Teledyne LeCroy Fellow and Professor, ECEE Univ of Colorado, Boulder

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