On Demand Webinar - Digitizer with integrated dual-gain amplifier for maximizing dynamic range in pulse measurements

Achieving unprecedented simultaneous high sampling rate and resolution

Dual-gain digitizer benefits

Now Avaliable On Demand
Duration: 35 minutes

In this webinar, we show how to measure nanosecond time-domain pulses with unrivaled accuracy. Dual-gain data acquisition boards enable unprecedented levels of simultaneous high sampling rate and resolution. This helps achieve a very high dynamic range in order to acquire short-duration signals with co-existing high- and low-amplitude pulses.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Why is it difficult to measure co-existing high- and low-amplitude signals?
  • What is dual-gain and how does it help improve dynamic range?
  • Challenges and solutions associated with increased dynamic range
  • ADQ32-PDRX: 2.5 GSPS dual-gain digitizer with resolution comparable to 16 bits

Who should attend? Developers working with high-speed time-domain data acquisition where dynamic range is important.

What attendees will learn? The underlying principles of the PDRX technology and how it can help improve the dynamic range. Challenges associated with previously undetected signals becoming uncovered – such as reflections caused by impedance mismatch.

Presenter: Dr. Jan-Erik Eklund, Technical Director

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