How to Test for Perfect USB-C® and HDMI® Cables

2-Part Webinar Series

Do you use USB-C or HDMI cables in critical applications and struggle with vendor quality? Are you trying to use a VNA to test cables or perform cable resistance tests or test cable impedance with other instruments? If so, join Giuseppe Leccia from Teledyne LeCroy for this 2-part webinar series to understand USB-C cable quality test and HDMI test requirements, and how to meet your needs with minimal test time and at minimal cost. Each webinar will run approximately 60 minutes and include a live Q&A.

Who should attend? Quality Assurance Engineers, Vendor Quality Engineers, Incoming Inspection Teams, or System Reliability Engineers at companies that are using USB-C or HDMI cables in critical applications.

Part 1: Fundamentals of USB-C and HDMI Cable Test Requirements

Available On-Demand
Aired on February 14

In this webinar, we provide background on what tests are required or recommended by the USB-C or HDMI cable standards, and what purpose the tests serve. We also describe all of the possible methods to complete these tests and what these tests indicate about vendor cable quality.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Overview of USB-C and HDMI cable required or recommended tests
  • Description of common lab test equipment used for cable testing
  • Background on how specific test results indicate deficiencies in cables

What will attendees learn? USB-C and HDMI cable test requirement details and how test failures correspond to specific vendor quality issues

Part 2: Assessing Vendor Quality and Detailed Failure Analysis

Available On-Demand
Aired on March 13

In this webinar, we provide details on how to assess failed cables to understand what the root-cause failure mode is and what that failure mode or test data means in terms of cable operation. Not all failures are equal, and we will describe those types of failures that will critically impact cable performance.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Eye diagrams
  • Mask testing and failures
  • Insertion loss measurements
  • Crosstalk
  • Impedance profiles
  • Inter-pair and Intra-pair skew

What will attendees learn? Details of tests and failure causes

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