Fundamentals of High-speed Signal
and Serial Data Testing Webinar Series

Join Teledyne LeCroy for this two-part webinar series in which we instruct on proper procedures and techniques for setting up and making a reproducible and accurate high-speed signal measurement. Each session will run approximately 60 minutes including live Q&A.

Who should attend? Design, qualification and validation engineers who are working with high-speed signals (100 ps rise time, >5 GHz bandwidth, or >5 Gb/s).

What will attendees learn? How to connect to and accurately measure high-speed signals with an oscilloscope.

Part 1: How to Build a Great Measurement Foundation

Available On-Demand
Aired on March 20

In this webinar, we instruct on proper cable, fixture and probe connection to the oscilloscope, describe the accuracies you can expect, and how to avoid errors.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Connecting cables properly
  • Using and de-embedding test fixtures
  • Recognizing a bad cable
  • Probe impacts and compensation
  • Accuracy expectations
  • Avoiding common errors that reduce accuracy

Part 2: How to Make Precise High-speed Oscilloscope Measurements

Available On-Demand
Aired on April 17

In this webinar, we describe how to optimize your oscilloscope setup, make measurements accurately, explain the serial data signal spectrum, and provide background and tips/techniques to optimize for serial data eye diagram and jitter.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Optimizing your high-speed oscilloscope setup
  • Using response modes, bandwidth limits, and de-embedding
  • Oscilloscope measurement fundamentals
  • Understanding your serial data signal spectrum
  • Basic and advanced serial data jitter and eye diagram measurements

Presented by: Patrick Connally, Teledyne LeCroy Senior Product Marketing Manager

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