How to Become an Expert in Power Integrity Testing

8-Part On-Demand Webinar Series

Power Distribution Networks (PDNs) require careful design to ensure excellent power integrity, especially in high-speed designs. Join Teledyne LeCroy for our 8-part series as we walk you through the fundamentals of power integrity testing through to advanced topics with a large number of live demonstrations.

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Part 1:

Fundamentals of Power Integrity

In this session we define what power integrity is and why should we care. We will review the types of power distribution network (PDN) noise, including self-aggression noise, pollution of the board/package interconnects, and mutual aggressors, and conclude with best measurement practices.

Part 2:

Accurate and Efficient PDN Measurements Learning Lab

In this session, we demonstrate and teach how to make accurate, high bandwidth measurements of power rail voltages and avoid introducing probing artifacts or interference into the measurements.

Part 3:

Power Integrity in Multi-rail Embedded Designs Learning Lab

In this session, we demonstrate and teach how to characterize and validate the integrity of multiple power rails in a PDN network, including the interactions and control of VRM’s, POL’s, LDO’s by Power Management ICs in embedded designs.

Part 4:

SI/PI Measurements on a Budget

In this session, we show you how you get the most out of your oscilloscope for power integrity measurements without spending a lot of money. We will review 5 common SI and PI measurements you can perform with a budget scope and some simple probes you probably already have around your lab.

Part 5:

5 Tips for Power Integrity Debug

In this session, Dr. Eric Bogatin will begin to steer our webinar series from fundamentals to detailed real-world advice to help you debug power integrity problems faster. With demonstrations on a microcontroller board, Eric will demonstrate five techniques you can use with any real-time scope to analyze the power rail and uncover common problems in the design and interpretation of the power rail. If you deal with power integrity, this session is for you.

Part 6:

Real-time Spectral Analysis of Power Rails

In this session, Dr. Eric Bogatin will explain and demonstrate how transforming acquired time-domain signals into the frequency domain will get you to the right answer faster, extract the important figures of merit of the signal, and help you find the root cause of a problem.

Part 7:

Don’t Let Ground Bounce Ruin Your Day

In this session, Dr. Eric Bogatin looks at the principles behind the root cause of ground bounce, how we can measure the ground bounce in your system, and based on the root cause, how we can design ground bounce out of your next product.

Part 8:

Practical On-die Power Integrity Measurements

In this session, Dr. Eric Bogatin describes the direct measurement of power rail noise on the chip itself (i.e. on die).

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