S-Parameter Master Class with Eric Bogatin- Hands on Lab Webinar

Do you deal with S-parameters or VNA measurements and don’t have a clue what the results mean? Want to understand how to interpret the ripples you see in your S-parameters? Need to measure S-parameters but not sure how to start? Curious to see what the TDR response of your interconnect is but limited by the VNA in your lab? This webinar series is for you.

In this three-part interactive on-demand webinar series, Eric Bogatin will show you how to data mine S-parameters to reveal their secrets about interconnects. By the end of this series of webinars, you will be a master of S-parameters and understand how to interpret the patterns you see in terms of the features of the interconnects and their impact on eye diagrams. When you are comfortable exploring the S-parameter files we provide, you can take a look at your own .snp files and see them with new understanding.

Prior to the start of the webinar you should download the following free software if you want to play along:

*NOTE: When the dialog box pops up to Choose Components, select both XStreamDSO and WavePulser Package

Part 1:

In this webinar, we will look at how to interpret the return loss and insertion loss of uniform interconnects and interconnects with discontinuities. With 4-ports, we will see how to interpret the S-parameters and TDR response to also measure near and far end cross talk and the location of enhanced coupling.

Part 2:

In this webinar, we apply the principles from Part One to differential interconnects and look at how to interpret the mixed mode S-parameters and the mixed-mode TDR response. We’ll look at differential and common impedance profiles and the connection between mode conversion and the design of the interconnects.

Part 3:

In this webinar, we’re going to simulate eye diagrams using the S-parameters from channels. We’ll look at how interconnects affect S-parameters and how S-parameters affect eye diagrams. Using the free WavePulser 40iX software you will be able to explore any touchstone file that you have. In addition, you will be able to create eye diagrams from any touchstone file by downloading our free MAUI Studio software.

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