How to Become an Expert in Automotive Ethernet Testing

Four Part On-Demand Webinar Series

How to Become an Expert in Automotive Ethernet Testing Webinar Series

How to Become an Expert in Automotive Ethernet Testing

Automotive Ethernet is the becoming the serial data backbone of choice for faster data communication to enable advanced ADAS, infotainment, connected car, and autonomous vehicle technologies. Join Teledyne LeCroy for this 4-part webinar series covering Automotive Ethernet fundamentals through advanced testing for electrical link and PHY compliance test to advanced PHY debug. All sessions are now available on-demand.

Part 1: Fundamentals of Automotive Ethernet Compliance Test,
Validation and Debug

In this session we will focus on the fundamentals of the Automotive Ethernet ecosystem, including a brief history and evolution of the standard, an overview of benefits of the new technology and the associated design challenges. We will conclude with an introduction into the test requirements and the analysis tools available to help troubleshoot and qualify designs. Watch now

Part 2: Mastering MDI Return Loss and Mode Conversion Loss Test

In this session we will focus on the reflection measurements MDI return loss and MDI mode conversion loss. We will review the basic concepts of the S-parameters and their meaning in single ended and mixed-mode form with particular reference to the single balanced twisted pair. We’ll follow with a measurement demonstration. Watch now

Part 3: Mastering Transmitter Droop, Distortion, Jitter and Spectral Density Test

In this session we will describe the requirements for the Physical Media Attachment (PMA) compliance tests with practical demonstrations using complex signals while indicating the procedures for obtaining the best measurement results and signal integrity. Watch now

Part 4: Debugging Automotive Ethernet PHY Layer Link Communication
Learning Lab

In this session we review Automotive Ethernet link communication and explore how to debug and troubleshoot these links using an oscilloscope during an interactive session with live signals. We will look at both the physical and protocol layers during this Learning Lab webinar. Watch now